A brief introduction to KNX 

The demand for comfort and versatility in the menagement of heating, access control and lighting for a family home and an office is growing.

At the same time, the efficient use of energy is becoming important. People want a comfortable safe place to live and work and that’s the moment where automation jumps on.

Automation system mustn’t be difficult. It requires a system that resolves problems of isolatin devices ensuring that all components communicate through a common language, regardless of type of devices.

If you want to control your smart house for example: lighting, security system, air conditioning, monitorin systems, remote control. All these functions work through a uniform system.

This is called the principle of interaction.  This is KNX

Certification KNX Basic, Advanced or Tutor

The KNX Association manages a certification scheme for training centers,  in order to guarantee the requirements of all this instituations which manage the “KNX Course”.

By this way, anyone in any part of the world, interested in KNX technology, can request partecipation to obtain certification KNX. It’s possible attend KNX certified training at one of the in mean while more than 300 training centres in 56 countries.

The Certification Scheme of Training Centres consists of three different course types that have been standardized and offred only by the Certified KNX Training Centres.

  • KNX Basic course

  • KNX Advanced cours

  • KNX Tutor course